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How To Retire Overseas Successfully.

Preparing Your Pre-move To Do List Proper planning can help you retire overseas successfully. When you are…

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eBook Expat 101

Expat 101 – Your guide to a successful Philippines retirement   Only $7. Your purchase will help…

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Budgeting For The Philippines 2020

One of the most common questions people ask about moving overseas is ‘how much money will I…

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My daily walk. How can I be bored with this?

This will be kind of picture heavy, as I want to show you my walk. Somehow I…

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Losing touch with friends and family
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Losing touch with friends and family in the old country

I made a video about some greeting cards my daughter sent me, and in the video I…

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Word Camp Iloilo 2019
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WordCamp Iloilo 2019

I have not been active in the Iloilo blogging/vlogging community. It is by far more Filipino than…

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Nilagang Baboy – Soup Recipe

Nilagang Baboy Recipe Today we are making nilagang baboy, a traditional boiled pork & veggies soup.  First…

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Q&A  25 questions

Q&A  25 questions I did a Q&A video on YouTube last year. It covers a lot of…

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Digging A Well By Hand

Digging a well by hand I saw some of the round cement well sections in the field,…

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New blog & forum. Why I moved…

My blog’s new home I just migrated my blog from the free WordPress site to a self-hosted…

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My Travel Essentials

My Travel Essentials I made a couple vids showing some of my travel & video gear. I…

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New YouTube channel

I don’t blog much here anymore, since I started vlogging on YouTube regularly. ( ) But…

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