My daily walk. How can I be bored with this?

This will be kind of picture heavy, as I want to show you my walk. Somehow I got bored with this ha ha. Out around my house I can do about 3 km before I get bored. If I go into the city, I can walk the downtown streets and hit 10 km before I realize it. Guess I am really a city boy.

First my warm up is about 1/4 km down a goat path. Houses on one side, rice fields on the other. I have to pass about 3 rice fields along the dirt path before I get to a paved road (they just paved it a couple years ago).

Along the paved road I head up to the pig farm. Going to the pig farm and back is 1 km. I get to visit with neighbors and watch the trash fires.

Trash fires (we have no trash service out here)

Pig Farm

If I go past the pig farm there are regular farms. They look cuter, and smell better, than the pig farm. Charming looking house, but I would not want to live there. Notice there are no electrical wires going to the house? If I go this route I have a 3 km turn around point (1.5 each way)

I do the round trip to & from the pig farm, it is 1 km. I know my walks by landmarks. When I get back to the dirt path, I pass the turn off to my house and keep going down the road, to the highway. Please excuse all the construction but they are widening the road all the way around the island. Taking it from 2 lanes to 4. Should be nice when they are done, a bit of a mess while it goes on.

If your house is in the way… you will lose a room or two.

The jeepneys are a fun mode of transportation. Yes, yours truly does hang on the back when needed. I have never ridden on top, but will hang on the back bumper. Since I am a foreigner (American) and old’ish, they tend to make me sit inside. Usually someone will hang out back instead of me – but I do not mind doing it. Not part of the walk, but I saw them on the walk and thought the pic needed an explanation. Fun, fun, fun.

I walk along the highway to the elementary school, then turn back and go home. The total from the house, pig farm, and school, is 3.5 km round trip. I have other routes for 1, 3, 5, and 6 km. It really is not bad, but somehow I get bored of the same view. I prefer to go downtown, but that takes a 1 hour jeepney ride, each direction. When I go downtown I wander the streets for 8 or 10 km easy. If I head to the river I can do another 5 or 6 km on the river walk. It is not as convenient to go downtown but makes for a much more fun walk for me.

As you can see the river downtown is a nice view as well. I do not get bored walking it – although there is absolutely no shade.

I used to walk along the beach, back when we had beach. The storms have gotten much worse over the last few years and the beach is pretty much gone. Here is the old beach…

…and the new beach. This is high tide hitting the cousin’s fence. It now hits his house. There is no beach. Bummer. I miss walking the beach.

This is right after a typhoon and the beach is a mess. It stays messy, as it is a working beach for fishermen. But this is storm damage, so worse than usual.

But really it is not all bad. I do enjoy the retired life in the Philippines. I do try to get to the city 3 or 4 times a week though ha ha

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