New YouTube channel

I don’t blog much here anymore, since I started vlogging on YouTube regularly. ( )

But the other day I started a new channel not related to being retired/expat/Philippines.  I have dealt with chronic pain since 1992 and wanted to share about that.  I think there is an underserved community of chronic pain sufferers and I am trying to get some community involvement.  Come check it out if that is of interest to you.   I will keep it mostly positive – as I keep my life mostly positive. It has been a long road to get on top of my issues and I think a group of like minded people might be able to help each other out.

The channel name is “The Next Step”.  It comes from a book I started writing some years ago.  I also set up a community page on Facebook to support the channel (YT is not very good for social connections)

Next Step channel  –

Join the community on Facebook –


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