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I will not put all my videos up here.  But here is a sample of some of them.  You can click on the video to go to YouTube and see my others.  I do not make many videos.  Been here 2 years and I think I made under 20?
10JAN17 Update: I have now been here 4 years and make a lot more videos than blog posts. Please come join us at
This is not Philippines.  But it was a great solo vacation.  Cancun 2009.

 This is actually a helpful video.  Filipino electrical

 BBQ Time!

Moving into our bamboo houses Oton, Iloilo

Vacation!  Mambukal, Bacolod

Some flooding fun

Fun bug invasion

Moving into Mandurriao Apartment

Misc pics – lots from moving jeepneys.  Musical accompaniment by Donal Hinely.

Holiday shopping for the house


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