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I am providing some links that might be useful.  I am not affiliated or employed in any way with any of the sites listed here.  I may or may not use theses sites, or services, myself.  I am providing them just for your information.  In my blog I will generally let you know which company I chose and why.  But all of these sites have been recommended to me, so most of them are probably pretty reliable.

Retirement and Visa Info:

Philippine Retirement Authority.  You can get your retirement visa with the PRA.  Lots of benefits, but also some expense.

Philippines Immigration (supposed to be the official site but seems to work sporadically? I will post it in case they happen to be online – welcome to the Philippines ha ha!)

Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles, Ca

FAC Philippines – Foreign Assistance Center. This is mostly European related but seems to have some good info.

Phone and Mail Forwarding Help:   –   You can take a “local” number from home with you overseas.  Good for keeping in touch with friends, family, and activating the new credit card.

Sending Money Overseas:

US Military Info:

IP Tools

Health Info:

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