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Expat 101 – Your guide to a successful Philippines retirement

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I have lived full time in the Philippines since 2013. I do not claim to be an expert, but I feel that I do have a lot of experience to share. I was working on a series of posts to help you plan your move, but the project just kept growing. So I gathered it all together, added a lot more content, and made it into an eBook. Most of the book is new material, and the existing blog posts got expanded for the book.

The book is 15 chapters, and 95 pages. I think is a good addition for anyone planning a move overseas.  I include lots of useful information, with links to official government sites, and anecdotes of some of my own experiences.  The actual rules are important, but ‘boots on the ground’ experience is priceless.

Expat 101 is available for only $7. The “Buy Now” button will take you to PayPal. After your purchase you will receive an email from BookFunnel. They handle the downloading and any technical help you may need (you will probably not need any help).

The book is available in the standard formats: pdf, epub, and mobi. All formats have been tested and work, but I recommend the pdf because it has better bookmarks and internal links for navigation. The layout also looks a little better in the pdf version. But all work and are good. On the download page you can download more than one format if you wish.

I do not collect any information (email, financial etc) from the purchases. BookFunnel will get your email from PayPal, but they do not share it with anyone (not even with me).

If you want to check out a sample of the book, you can download a 2 chapter excerpt. You can click the button below for a free sample!

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