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Feel free to contact us with any questions about the site, or moving to the Philippines. However… the Facebook page is likely to get a faster response 🙂

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  1. Hi Tim, I am impressed by your adventure to move there. I intend to marry a girl from Iloilo and would like your guidance. Please can you what’s app, IMO or VIber me at +6590012810

  2. I like reading your posts… I’m an American also looking to retire in PI… though we are a long distance away from where I stay maybe we could still chat. I just met an American from Alabama who tells me what it takes to retire in the Philippines & I accept his advice to me…. I only spent 3 weeks in PI, saw many wonderful things of history but have my ticket to come back for 30 days this time…. I am staying in Mariveles, wonderful city, I even get to meet the Mayor…

  3. Dear Tukaram,

    Thans a lot. We will stay there for 36 days. So my plan is to have VISA on Arrival and then let us extend the VISA. Do you know how many days before VISA expirationdate we need to submit for this extension?

    And also I am from the Philippines but have an European pasport. I heard that in that case I do not need any VISA as I can stay there for 1 year.

    Awaiting for your answer,

    Thans a lot again!


    1. As far as traveling on a foreign passport as a Filipino… I am unsure. But if you get a regular tourist stamp it is usually good for 30 days (depending on your country of origin). You can renew it anytime before it expires – just do not let it expire or you pay a daily fine. I like to go in a week early, just to be sure I stay legal 🙂

  4. Hi Tim, I hope you get an email notification every time someone leaves a comment so you will see this. I live in San Jose, Antique and have for the last 5 years but I would like to live very similar to how you are living outside of Iloilo. You and I have the EXACT same monthly budget 30k. Like you I usually have a little more from book sales and other little endeavors but I like you budget the 30k a month to live on. Unlike you I do not have a companion living with me anymore. Not saying I won’t do it again, but I have been living on my own for about 2 years now. Because I’m living alone, my 30k goes a lot farther than yours does, so I feel pretty rich most of the time. I can easily live where I am for the rest of my life and never spend more than 15k a month with my Cable TV/internet power and water bills but I’m looking to move one last time. I am older than you just turned 65 in January. I was wondering if you knew of any other places like yours up there that were available for rent. I have a construction background and so I don’t mind having to build a CR or something like you did to make something work. If you are willing to talk to me and maybe via your local connections up there help me find a place I could rent up that way, I would love to hear from you. Of course I’ll understand if you don’t want to help in that way also.

    Randy Wilson

    1. Well, since I moved into the city my budget is stretching a bit thin ha ha (but not my waistline). We did better in the bamboo house – 17 K out of town. What kind of rent budget are you looking for? I can ask around. In the city it ranges from p6,000-p10,000 for a basic apartment or house. Nicer… is, of course, more…

      1. Depending on your visa status, yes. If everything is current you can extend in Iloilo. They do tourist, student, and marriage visas. (among others, but those are the most common, I think). I do not know the actual street address but Immigration is at the “Customs House”. I had one cabbie not know where that was so I told him ‘main post office’. Same building. It is about 1 block from Plaza Libertad and City Hall.

  5. Hi Tim,
    I also did a similar trip. I was in the PI about 5 years and back in the US these past 3 years. We’re working on my wife’s US citizenship. We’ll then return to the PI and take up where we left off.
    I probably lived a little lower life style than you preferring very small island life off the coast of Mindanao.
    My GF – now wife and I kept expense accounts. That really helped with our relationship as this gave her an idea of what I was comfortable spending. We hit a low of $250 on one small island, but pretty much averaged $800/month living comfortably. Island rentals are very reasonable.
    We also married in the PI. We went to the local mayor’s office to do that.
    Our son was born on a small island. I had made a couple of kayaks so when I had need for birthing I visited some small islands by kayak and found just the place. The nicest place I’ve lived in the PI. I could kayak the whole island in 4 hours, but there was a new community health center there where my son was born. Great experience. Not for everyone as we had to pull our own water and electric was only 8 hours per day. But we were only 40 minutes by boat to a good size city.
    Give me a holler as there may be some things I can suggest.

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