Tito Tim’s Tulong

Tito Tim’s Tulong

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ~Helen Keller~


Tito Tim's Tulong       Tito Tim's Tulong


One of the things many expats notice first, in the Philippines, is the abject poverty. There is almost no social safety net here.  In America when someone says there is nothing for dinner, generally we mean there is nothing in the pantry that we want to cook – but the pantry is most likely full.  Here, in the Philippines, when they say there is nothing for dinner, they mean there is *nothing* for dinner.  Unfortunately we cannot help everyone, but we can do what we can in our own areas. With your help we can do much more.


We do what we can, with what we have

I tried joining a couple charity groups here but got bored. All we seemed to do was show up for photo ops. We never really did any hands on charity work. Over the last few years we have done some charity work – never enough – but some.  On our own, with the help of my wife and generous donors from overseas, we have done a few things.  Two years ago we raised money for a 60 year old blind man that takes care of his 90 year old mother.  Last year we gave school supplies to our barangay daycare center (village).  We have also done a couple feeding programs.  This year we bought school supplies for an entire elementary school. up in the mountains of the Antique province. These one time events have been wonderful, but I really want to do some long term, regularly scheduled, charity events. 

Our goal is to raise enough funds to do a lot more charity work. I like helping the kids. Giving food and school supplies is a great start.   Supplies are inexpensive here; we just need the money to make the purchase. A couple years ago we fed lunch to 90 kids for about $30 (USD), and bought school supplies and toothbrushes for 155 children for $3 per child.  Also with the generous donation from viewers and family, we collected some books from the US and donated them to a school library. For small, one time, events we have done well raising money just from friends and family, but that is not sustainable long term. 

You can support our efforts

So I am setting up my own collection campaign to raise funds. I have a few ways people can donate. One time donations directly through Paypal at paypal.me/TitoTim.  Monthly sponsorship through Patreon. And a GoFundMe campaign. ~Edit – GoFundMe closed ~  I want to be clear that this is not a charity, just my wife and I like to help out when we can. The funds will support my YouTube channel, and will make it possible for us to do more charity work.

We want to adopt a school, providing school supplies, library books, feeding programs, and toys at christmas.  My wife and I cannot do it alone.  With your donations we can work together and take care of these wonderful children. Books and toys would need to be sent from overseas, contact me for details.

After we distributed the school supplies to the mountain school, we were walking to the waterfall to swim.   Many of the kids were coming out of their one room houses, waving their bags of supplies, and yelling “Thank you, Tito Tim!”.  It took us 5 full days of work to gather and transport all the supplies.  The scene in this picture makes it all worthwhile.  These children need help to get a good start in life. All of us get a wonderful feeling for helping.  I call that a win-win proposition.


Translations: Tito Tim’s Tulong – Tito is Tagalog for uncle, I am Tim, and Tulong is assistance.

😎🏝 Enjoy your day in paradise! 🏝😎

Help support our YouTube channel

You can help support our channel by becoming a Patreon monthly sponsor or make a single donation with Paypal.  I would like to stress that we are not a certified charity. If you want to contribute to help the channel in general – just make the donation. If you want the money to go for charity only – send me an email and I will keep track of what is marked for charity. 



  Tito Tim's Tulong  Tito Tim's Tulong


Translations: Tito Tim’s Tulong – Tito is Tagalog for uncle, I am Tim, and Tulong is assistance.

🙂  Enjoy your day in paradise! 🙂


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  1. I adore your kindness towards the Filipino community! Thank you for helping! Will check out the paypal accnt

  2. Tim, I looked at the GoFundMe, and it was probably not complete – but – it should say some of this there for people just looking around the GoFundMe site for places to donate. I didn’t really see anything (yet) about what the funds would be for.


    1. It was there, but not clearly. I changed it up a little, and added bullet points. I hope that helps. Let me know, please. 🙂

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