USS Fletcher PACEX 92 Cruise Book

I scanned in the cruise book once before but the original scans got lost in a computer crash.  The uploaded files were a pretty crappy quality so I just rescanned the book this  morning.   My balikbayan box finally arrived and I sent a scanner to myself.  The raw scan files are huge!  They are about 2500×3500 and the 99 pages are just over 1 Gb.  Each of the raw files are about 10 Mb per page. My connection is very slow here in the Philippines so that just ain’t happening right now.  So I shrunk them down to 1000×1300.  So the total is only 20Mb.  Not a problem… right?  Wrong.   Every time I try and upload them WordPress will stop after about 15 files.  So I was trying to do them in small batches and WordPress jumbles the order.  Why do I have named in order??  SO…. here is a 15 Mb pdf file.  If there is a particular pic you would like, just comment below and say what pic (page number or some identifying item in pic) and what size, large or small and I will email it to you.  If the net ever gets stable here I would like to put them up in a gallery.  False hope is better than no hope.

01 USS Fletcher Pacex 92 cover       <— PDF link 99 pages, 15.9 Mb (either click it to open, or right click and ‘save link as’ to save it)


The small pics are about 1000 x 1200, and about 200k each.  Each of the raw files are about about 2500×3500, and10 Mb per page. (the small files are in the gallery, below, for download)

I would be happy to send what I can.  If you want the full set of large files (like I said 1 GB) I will have to find a way to get them onto my server, because WordPress just ain’t cooperating.


Ok, I got the gallery to work.  I don’t care much for this basic gallery but have not paid for a better one :p  The pics are at least all here for download.  Let me know if you want some of the raw files (big) and we will try.  The pdf (above) and the gallery pics (below) are low res copies (under a mb each), the full files are close to 10Mb each.  If you want the full pic we can figure out how to send it to you. Email me, or comment here, to let me know. The name of the file will show on your address bar (01-USS-Fletcher-Pacex-92-cover.jpg) is the cover and is picture #1, thus the 01 at the front)

Also an apology if your pic is on the crease of the binding.  Some of the pages are not straight and I am not ripping the pages out.  So if your pic is a bit “off” sorry.  I did not make the book and have no control over that.  Also, if you were on that cruise – you are old!  …and so is the cruise book.  I don’t think the binding can take much more stress – I know I can’t.  So, hopefully some of you will like these.


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