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This post is not really about anything I am doing.  It is a collection of Filipino Art, mostly by Fernando Amorsolo.  When I collected these pieces I did not pay attention to where I got them, or who the artist was.  So, unfortunately, I cannot give credit to any hosting sites, or to the actual artists – other than Fernando Amorsolo. 

Fernando Amorsolo (May 30, 1892 โ€“ April 24, 1972) lived in a tumultuous time for the Philippines.  It was during the end of the 19th century and the Philippines went from Spanish rule to US rule, the Japanese occupation, and he lived well into the Marcos regime.  An interesting note is that out of his 14 children, 5 also became painters.   I am not going to write another biography of Amorsolo, there are many online, but feel free to check out his Wikipedia page.  He really had a fascinating life.

The most amazing thing about these pictures is how little things have changed.  Quite a few of these pictures are 100 years old but still show the simple life of the province.  Clothes are still washed outside (although not in the river as often). They still use caribou to till their fields, rice is still picked by hand.  The markets, the festivals, the dancing… still all very common scenes. 

All of these pictures, and more, are on my Facebook page, in an album named “Filipino Artist – Mostly Fernando Amorsolo”.  I have over 60 pics and since I am unsure of the rules on WordPress I did not include the nudes… for that you have to go to my Facebook ha ha.  Here I am including 25 pictures.  As I said most are by Amorsolo, the others – I do not know who painted them.  Sorry.  But enjoy the pics!


5 thoughts on “Filipino Art

  1. These paintings are truly stunning. These are well preserve in a place that it will be kept and visited by some aspiring and inspired artist.

  2. If you like Amorsolo, you should visit the Yuchengco Museum in Makati City. They have a few Amorsolos there. And yes some of the nudes too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. when you get a chance, you’d enjoy visiting the National Museum in Manila ๐Ÿ™‚

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