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Ok, just a quick update for those not in the loop.  I have a closing date on the house sale.  6FEB13!  So as soon as I get paid for the house I am buying my tickets to the Philippines.  Maybe a week or two after the 6th.  It kind depends on pricing – I don’t think it will be any cheaper to wait.  Packing has been crazy.  I was a single dad for 16 years so we have tons of crap in the house!  Also, I never lived in one place this long, so tons more crap built up over time.  I have 10 boxes being shipped over and 3 suitcases I will be taking.  I am almost finished packing the shipping boxes and quickly running out of room… some stuff is not going to make it ha ha.   I had better call the shipping company soon and schedule a pick-up date!

My kids are both grown and out of the house but I am trying to make sure they have plenty of opportunities to get everything they want out of the house.  I don’t want them to feel like I am just ditching them and throwing everything away.  I have always talked about retiring overseas but I don’t know if anyone ever believed me.  So they have grown up hearing that “one day” I would retire and move away.  But it came about 10 years earlier than I planned on and even I was surprised by the timing.  I’m pretty excited about it and hopefully they won’t feel abandoned.  I also hope it works out for me.  It is just something I have to do.  Life is too short to live with regrets… and I would rather regret something I did instead of regretting something I was too scared to try.

Some of my family members said they can store some stuff for my son while he is still in college.  So I think it is working out ok.  I have a TON of stuff to donate to charity.  I am trying to find one that will pick up, and hopefully take furniture too.  Operation Kindness is  good charity that picks up most of the things, but not furniture (nothing bigger than a microwave, they say).  They are a no kill animal shelter.  I have given them money before and they hound you forever for more money.  Drove me crazy!   But the guy buying my hose said he would either use or get rid of anything I wanted to leave.   So I may use them for the small stuff and leave some shelving at the house.   Let them try and find me in the provinces of the Philippines!

On my way.  Wish me luck!



7 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. Most people never regret the things they do… Just the things they didn’t do.

  2. Good luck Tim. I guess if I ever get over there again I will have a place to crash. While my plans are to not veture that far from my country anymore ya never know what life willl sling at ya. Stay out of trouble I don’t want to see you on the news. Will you be keeping up with us on FB?

    1. Yes. I will be on Facebook, as much as my internet connection allows me…. Not sure what the internet setup is like out there – it varies a lot

  3. Tim, I admire your DREAM, for all Naysayers, they can only wish they had the Courage it takes to fulfill a dream, I hope you stay posted so others may follow your adventure. Stay strong and enjoy yourself.

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