Crabbing & General Beach Fun – Boracay 2013


Every morning we went crabbing.  Our first morning we saw others grabbing at seaweed that was washing up and getting something.  OK there was that one girl that would grab the seaweed, scream, and drop it – that is what really got our attention in the first place. So we grabbed a piece of seaweed and saw a couple crabs.  Rogena said she liked to eat crabs so we started catching them.  Rogena ended up not wanting them and we gave them away to a local guy later.  The second day I got up earlier than the girls and went to beach and ended up working with a young, local boy catching crabs.  He was running up and just turning over coconut shells for crabs.  I was going out into the surf for seaweed.  But when I went out and grabbed a big piece of floating bamboo he ran over to see it.  There were a few crabs inside each end and when I started splitting it open there were some inside as well.  So he started helping me split it and catching them.  He seemed very surprised when I told him to keep 4 or 5 that he had caught.  I should have given him my whole bag full probably.  I don’t eat crabs but I did it every morning because it was so much fun.  I made sure to give them to a local who was hunting crabs too.  I just wanted the fun – not the crabs. Yeah… first day in Boracay… already got crabs… lots of bad dirty jokes to be had…

White beach runs for about a kilometer one side of the island.  We were supposed to check out some other beaches but white beach was so nice we kind of never bothered to see the others.  We can save those for later trips – because there will be many more trips! Because it is rainy season the winds are blowing the wrong way and white beach is getting hit pretty hard.  So they put up bamboo & plastic walls along the pathway between the beach and shops.  Kind of looks weird but is useful. But the winds made for some fun surf to play in.  So it is all good.  We had fun playing in the surf, and saw some cool rainbows (see pic below).  And make sure to check out my new “sagging” look ha ha.

The beach is really set up nice.  The main, paved, road is quite a ways off.  There is a maze of hotels & shops.  Then a sandy footpath – no motorized vehicles allowed.  Then the beach.  So from the shops & hotels you have no real street to cross.  It is all foot traffic so it makes it so much more relaxing than most commercialized beaches.  I wish more places could do this! (Cancun and Waikiki I am talking to you in particular)

IMG_20130915_160954  DSCF2072


Near D’Mall is D’Talipapa which is a wet market with kitchens nearby.  So you can buy fresh seafood, and have them cook it at the kitchens for a fee.  We did this in Boracay so did not do it here, but it is a pretty fun way to try some new stuff, and know it is fresh.  They had live lobsters, sea urchins, oysters, crabs, countless types of fish.  Completely wasted on me because I just don’t like much seafood.

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