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Well for our last day we decided to go to Zorb.  It is one of the touristy spots.  Very touristy.  All over the beach walkway there are commissioners – the hawkers that lure you to hotels/bars/events for a commission from the owners.  Vaughan told us at the Blue Mango not to bother with the commissioners but talk to the hotel when we wanted an activity.  Ok, so when we ask about doing the Zorb the lady at the counter runs out to the beach and gets a commissioner for us?  Maybe Vaughan had something else in mind but he was not there at the time.  Anyway on our way across the island to roll down a hill!

The Zorb is up on a big hill and they put in a zipline and a giant rolling ball.  Well we are on vacation so time for some touristy stuff.  Especially since the glass bottom boat is not running this week.  ๐Ÿ™  I have done some amazing ziplining in Cancun so I did not care that much about doing it here and neither of the girls wanted to zipline.  And at p600 for one short ride I really did not feel like talking them into it ha ha!  (You can read about my zipline trip in Cancun at my old, abandoned blog here http://tukaspot.wordpress.com/2010/12/11/cancun-vacation-day-3).  Well the Zorb ball is pretty cool.  You get inside an inflatable ball and roll down a hill into a swimming pool.  They have 3 ways you can ride but only the hydro was running today.  They can harness you into the ball and you roll like crazy, they put you in with water, no harness (the hydro), and the turbo I have no idea what the turbo is.  But like I said only the hydro was operating today.  Problem with the low season at Boracay is that a lot of stuff is not running full.  But the hydro was fun.  You get in the ball and it is about a foot deep with water.  As it rolls down the hill you basically stay in place and the ball rolls around you. 

The girls went first and after you climb into the ball the guys put a big blue plug in the hole (see pic).  I was kind of glad they went first because I got to see that the guys give you no warning before rolling you.  They take a minute to tie the plug in place and wedge your shoes into the plug (wear slippers not tennis shoes!).  Once they are finished they roll you down the hill.  I kind of expected some form of communication or notice… but common sense and safety are unheard of here in the Philippines (another reason I am not inclined to zipline here).  But I was watching and wondered at what point Melane had the “Oh shit” thought that must be happen in a situation like this.  She said as soon as the plug went in she knew it was a mistake.  Rogena said she knew it was her last day of life ha ha. 

Now it is my turn.  I am too stupid to have much fear.  I made a conscious decision a few years ago to just have fun and do it!  It started with crazy roller coasters at Universal Studios, Florida and has affected many aspects of my life.  Kind of like quitting your job and running away to live in the Philippines?  Yeah.. so anyway, no fear.  I did not have an “oh shit” moment but I was not sure how much flailing around I would do.  Since they put multiple people in the ball I assume not much.  Well I was quite surprised as we started rolling that the water really made you stay right in place.  The ball rolled around you and you just glided down the hill. I should have studied physics in school I suppose.  Well there was the initial falling back and every bit of water seemed to go up your nose but after that it was cool (even the girls said all the water went in their noses too!)

IMG_1445     IMG_1451

The ball that they harness you into would have you rolling with the ball so would be a much crazier ride, I think.  The hydro is kind of Zorb Light.  But I guess after you splash into the pool, since they have to climb in and unstrap you, they would have to pull the ball out of the water?  So most likely you would not get wet on that one.  It is what the website showed and so none of us planned ahead and wore a swim suit.  Well I am in board shorts but now I have wet underwear.  Such is life. 

We agreed it that although it was fun it was not anything you need to do twice.  And for p500 ($12 USD) you should get more than one run, or it should not cost so much.  Well we all had a good time and that is what is important.  But we did spend as much in one day as we spent in the previous 3 days combined!  Touristy stuff gets expensive really fast.  And I don’t have a scanner here so you get a snapshot of one of the pics we bought.  We bought 3, at p150 each.  That is about $3.50 USD each. I have not seen dollars in so long I don’t think in them anymore. I think in pesos and just convert for you nice people.  To me the pictures cost the same as a good meal at a fast food joint. Like the Greenwich combo – fried chicken, rice, spaghetti, a slice of pizza, and a coke.  Suddenly I know what I want for lunch today…

Well the Zorb is fun.  So if you happen to be in Boracay, have some spare time, and spare money you might find it a fun way to spend an afternoon.

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