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Some Forum Tips

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    Forum Use Tips
    In the comment box there are some formatting options like bold, quote etc
    comment text formatting
    You can edit your post for the first 24 hours.
    Add attachments (like pics) with the attachment button. The size limit is 512 Kb.
    WordPress has some built in emoticons. You have to type them in yourself, until I get an add-on to do it for us… working on it. Here is the list of WordPress supported emoticons:

    Wordress Emoticons
    If you want to add a YouTube it works best if you use YT’s “embed” link on the share tab (copy from YT, paste in the forum).
    YT Share 1
    Copy the embed code
    You can use the Activity Stream to sort items from friends, topics, mentions etc. There are also many features on the forum sidebar to help you navigate the forum easily.
    Activity stream filter
    There a few options for navigating, some have duplicate features. All can be helpful. The profile is very limited, I am looking into expanding the information (name only?!). But you can add an avatar image if you want. Either it will use your existing Gravatar, or you can upload an image (If nothing is uploaded a random image will be used.)
    Left Side top bar
    Left Side Top Menu
    Right Side top bar
    Right Side Top Menu
    Main menu bar
    Main Menu Bar
    Forum Sidebar
    Forum Sidebar

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by AvatarTito Tim.

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