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Maayong Gabi

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    AvatarMatt Gustafson

    I have been watching your videos for several years now. I have actually been to iloilo a couple of times. My wife’s cousin lives in Zarraga. We have a home in Bacolod. We are just waiting until we are retired to spend more time there. We spend about 6 weeks there every other year. I really enjoy our time there.
    Retirement will be an adjustment and doing it there will be a big adjustment. New habits and a new place. I’m sure I will settle in just fine.
    What were your top 3 things that were the most difficult to get use to? Have you adapted well to them now?

    AvatarTito Tim

    I am very easy going and can fit in most anywhere, so had no real issues here.
    There are always little things, though… Brownouts when I am trying to sleep, loud stereos, and no Taco Bell.
    I could get a generator but the brownout are not that often – a rechargeable fan does well enough. Nothing can be done about loud music, you either get used to it or build a soundproof bunker (I am leaning towards a bunker ha ha). No Taco Bell, but we have Greenwich. Not the same but just as unhealthy.
    Ok honestly the humidity. It took a couple years but I have adapted. I went to Dallas for a visit and wore a jacket & scarf in October?!
    I had to learn which grocery stores had good quality meat, who sells butter etc but nothing major, really.
    But as I said, I am easy. I am just glad to not be working anymore 😎🍹🇵🇭

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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