Announcing our new expat chat forum!

I recently migrated the blog to a new server and have a lot more options now (the old free server was pretty limited).  So the first thing I added was an expat chat forum!  I have a few people signed up already, but hope for many more.  If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about moving overseas, I want this expat chat forum to be the place to talk about it.
The Forum only requires a simple WordPress sign in. If you already have a WordPress account just log in. Or simply provide an email address and get one. It is instant, and free. You can  access the Forum from the main menu. After you login there will be a couple new menus you can use. It is fully described in the “News, Updates, and Tips & Tricks’ forum.
YouTube is my main outlet for sharing information, but it lacks a lot in social interaction.  I do have a Facebook page, but there is no way to organize the chats or information. I think a chat forum is still an ideal way to communicate with lots of people, and before moving over here as an expat, I know I had LOTS of questions.   😎🍹
So far you can add friends in the forum, there is a ‘newsfeed’ like Activity Stream, private messaging… I will be adding more toys as time permits. I have set up a lot of categories already, and welcome suggestions for more.  Come check it out!
expat chat forum menu      expat chat forum snippet

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